GFLQ: The First Pyrotechnic Event in the World to Obtain Biosphere Certification


We are thrilled to announce that we have obtained our Biosphere certification! But what exactly is the Biosphere certification? 

Biosphere is the international system for sustainability management and certification established by the Responsible Tourism Institute. Today, this organization represents the largest international community of destinations and businesses focused on sustainable development.  

We are incredibly proud to take another step towards sustainability. A huge thank you to each of you, and especially to Destination Québec Cité for your constant support on our journey towards a more planet-friendly way of life. 


Here are some examples that illustrate our commitment:  

  • Accessibility and inclusivity: We offer free event sites that are 100% accessible to all. 
  • Reduction of plastic: We are replacing almost all plastic parts with recycled and biodegradable cardboard pieces. 
  • Priority to local partners: In 2023, 90% of our suppliers were local. 
  • Promotion of cultural diversity: We integrate cultural diversity into our programming choices and select inclusive and unifying themes. 
  • Waste management: We prioritize reuse, recycling, and the valorization of waste (energy, water, materials, and food) while raising awareness among staff and the public about the importance of waste management. 

To learn more about our journey and achievements, you can visit this link: Biosphere Certification.