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  • Water

    Water is one of humanity’s greatest wealth, so it deserves to be celebrated! For one evening, a pyromelodic show will immerse you in each of the forms it can take.

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  • World

    Come and dance to the rhythms from all the corners of our planet. The music of the world will make you vibrate under a sky full of fireworks!

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  • Quebec

    For one evening, local music, from yesterday and today, will be under the spotlights! Enjoy the rhythm of a 100% Quebec repertoire under a blazing sky!

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  • Nashville

    This country and new country evening will make you shout Yee-Haw! Put your jeans and your cowboy boots on and enjoy a festive evening. Don’t forget your hat!

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  • Rock

    We promise you an evening celebrating the immense planet of rock and its greatest hits. For one night only, Quebec City and Lévis will become, the capital of rock!

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  • 80's

    Welcome to the realm of fluorescent colors, shoulder pads and full mustaches, the 80's were not lacking in extravagance. You will be blown away by the hits from one of the most prolific periods in musical history!

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  • Playa

    Escape to the rhythms of the south and let yourself be transported to the beach, the warmth, and good vibes for a sunny evening. You will be amazed by our frenzied grand finale!

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  • DJ

    Join us and let yourself vibe on the tunes of the best international DJs. For one night only, come and enjoy our open-air dance floor and the fireworks that will make you vibrate!. It’s THE night to have fun with us!

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