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Sustainable development

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We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to adopting sustainable, eco-responsible practices.

Our commitment

  • Use the equivalent of 40% of parts without perchlorate, for each of the 8 shows.

  • Replace almost all plastic parts with recycled and decomposable cardboard parts, reducing the number of internal tubes.

  • Utilize smaller parts, reducing paper usage by 25% to 30%.

  • Decrease the number of “cake” type of explosive parts, which deploy at low altitude.

  • Modify the pyromusical show scenarization to project the pieces higher, promoting more uniform smoke dispersion.

  • Introduce new technology alongside pyrotechnics to diversify the audiovisual experience and reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Invest in education and greenhouse gas offset initiatives to host a carbon-neutral event.

  • Offer 100% accessible event sites with barrier-free surfaces.

  • Implement noise mitigation measures to stay below event standards.

  • Promote local suppliers in all our purchases.

  • Promote local artists and artisans in our artistic programming.

  • Promote the reuse, recycling, and recovery of waste (energy, water, materials, and food), and raise awareness among staff and the public about the importance of waste management.

  • Encourage participants to use public transit when travelling to our event sites.

  • Require food suppliers to add vegetarian options to their offers.

We encourage participants

  • To get to the event by carpool, bike, bus or on the official event shuttles.

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  • To respect the natural environment on the sites by driving only in clearly marked traffic zones.

  • To bring their own reusable water bottles. A source of drinking water is readily available!

  • Dispose of all waste in designated recycling bins and garbage cans.

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Do you know the COOP Fa/Carbone Scol'ERE?

It is a cooperative with a no-return clause for members, working in carbon quantification and offsetting. It offers educational MD carbon credits generated by the GHG emissions avoided thanks to the new eco-responsible lifestyles of young people and their families as part of the Carbone Scol'ERE educational program.

Want to learn more about their educational program? Listen to the COOP Fa/Carbone Scol'ERE explanatory video!

Sustainable development policy

Créations Pyro is committed to making sustainable development part of its DNA by 2022. With this in mind, over the past year we have initiated a serious process to make Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec an eco-responsible event, integrating the principles of sustainable development into every stage of its organization, right from the start of its planning. In fact, we have adopted a Sustainable Development Policy 2022-2024.


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